Sustainability is part of our DNA. At Sunnmøre, our founder, Ole Andreas Devold, was more than just a savvy businessman. He built up a community. Throughout our history, we’ve focused on doing a proper job running our company. That’s why we’re providing our customers with full insight into our value chain.

Sustainable choices

Natural materials

Sustainability is not a trend. For us, it’s a matter of course. It’s the very foundation on which Devold rests. It’s about us firmly believing that nature has the answer to the climate problems caused by the textile industry. It’s about selecting materials that biodegrade when a garment’s life is over.
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Our own value chain

Our production is like an open book: each garment has its own story that you can trace all the way back to the sheep that produced the wool. We take you on a journey from sheep grazing on large swathes of land, to proud farmers who share our passion for quality, on to wool washing and spinning, and to our own Oeko-Tex-certified factory in Europe, where our garments are knitted by the happy people working for us.
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Less consumption

On average, each Norwegian throws away 23kg of clothing per year and buys 14kg of new clothes. We tend to own too many garments that we barely use before they end up in the rubbish.
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Animal welfare

Since wool quality depends on sheep welfare, the farms we work with always abide by the Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare. None of the farms that Devold cooperates with use the controversial mulesing method nor do we purchase wool without a certificate confirming that the sheep have not been mulesed.
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